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Belmont Dentistry in Long Beach welcomes new and returning patients.

Thank you for looking up our dental practice. We strive to provide the highest level of professionalism by providing you with personalized, high quality dental care.

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Our Dental Services

  • Dental cleanings for the entire family
  • Treatments and therapies for mild to moderate gum disease
  • Comprehensive exams and digital dental x-rays
  • Diagnosis of dental cavities and faulty restorations
  • Evaluation of gums and supportive bone
  • TMJ and jaw musculature analysis
  • Cosmetic exam and smile analysis
  • Tooth replacements (implant restorations, bridges, partial dentures, complete dentures)
  • Dental extractions / oral surgery (evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be referred to an accredited oral surgeon depending on the complexity of the case)
  • Root canal therapy (evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be referred to an endodontist depending on the complexity)
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Digital x-rays and intraoral images, panoramic image
  • Fillings/restorations (tooth colored composites)
  • Metal free ceramic crowns
  • Cosmetic bonding

First Appointment


  • Soft tissue exam and oral cancer screening
  •      Charting of existing teeth and dental restorations
  •      Evaluation of TMJ and occlusion
  •      Digital dental x-rays (may be transferred from previous office)
  •      Evaluation of existing teeth, previous restorations, and gum health
  •      Periodontal charting to determine gum and bone health
  •      Intra-oral pictures
  •      Cosmetic evaluation (shade determination and smile analysis)
  •      Consultation and treatment options presented as well as treatment
    plan established
  •      Coordination of any dental benefits.

Sometimes a dental cleaning can be provided at the first appointment if there is available time within the hygienists' schedule, if the patient doesn’t show signs of gum disease and/or if the patient has minimal plaque/tartar accumulation.

If a patient requires a more extensive type of cleaning than time allows, an alternative treatment date is scheduled.

A treatment plan is established outlining necessary care with the number of appointments necessary, as well as, financial options to cover any out-of-pocket investment. If dental insurance is being utilized, benefits will be incorporated and discussed with a patient care coordinator. If the treatment plan is extensive, sometimes it is necessary to send a predetermination to your insurance company for an accurate cost estimate.

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